One of Us Is Lying

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One of Us Is LyingOne of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Published by Delecorte Press on May 30th 2017
Genres: Fiction, Mystery, YA
Pages: 358
Format: Audiobook
Length: 10 hrs and 43 mins
Narrator: Kim Mai Guest, MacLeod Andrews, Shannon McManus, Robbie Daymond
Reading Challenges: Goodreads

The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars, One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide.
Pay close attention and you might solve this.
On Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High walk into detention.
Bronwyn, the brain, is Yale-bound and never breaks a rule.
Addy, the beauty, is the picture-perfect homecoming princess.
Nate, the criminal, is already on probation for dealing.
Cooper, the athlete, is the all-star baseball pitcher.
And Simon, the outcast, is the creator of Bayview High s notorious gossip app.
Only, Simon never makes it out of that classroom. Before the end of detention Simon's dead. And according to investigators, his death wasn t an accident. On Monday, he died. But on Tuesday, he d planned to post juicy reveals about all four of his high-profile classmates, which makes all four of them suspects in his murder. Or are they the perfect patsies for a killer who s still on the loose?
Everyone has secrets, right? What really matters is how far you would go to protect them.



I honestly hate it when a mystery is so built up, but you as a reader are sitting there wondering why all of the characters are so freaking blind and basically ignorant to the giant red flags that are practically poking them all in the eye. This. Book. Was. So. Obvious.

The Good Stuff

Ummm, there wasn’t any. Except Stan the lizard…so that should tell you something right there.

The Not-So-Good Stuff

Where shall I begin? Let’s start with the plot. Basically imagine a The Breakfast Club meets Gossip Girl with an overabundance of Pretty Little Liars . Sounds exciting! It really does! But nothing new was brought to the table, and you start realizing pretty quickly that the premise is the only exciting thing this book has to offer. The plot twists are a tad offensive: View Spoiler »

The casual references and jokes about mental illness and school shootings did not sit well with me at all. I don’t find those subjects to be funny in any circumstance. Maybe I’m alone in this? I just wouldn’t think so.

I also thought that the answer was plain and simple. Listen, there was so much hype around this case that there is no way everyone involved was dumb enough to not connect the dots. It was the first option that came to my mind without even getting all the facts. I was honestly hoping that the answer would crop up early on and proven to be impossible. I really feel like that would have made a better mystery. But alas, it was pretty clear the entire time.

Now the characters: cliche, cliche, cliche. I don’t mind cliches when they are well written, but I really wasn’t impressed by these characters. They were pretty boring to me. And I didn’t really care whether or not one of them did it. After the initial event, they all just sort of continued on. The worry and fear that they probably should have been feeling didn’t really set in until the last fourth of the book. I didn’t fee like the stakes were high enough for any of the characters. They weren’t worried, so why should I be?


I had high expectations. I was severely disappointed, and a bit put off on with some of the subject matter. I didn’t think the mystery was much of a mystery, and I got bored reading it. Meh.

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